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Graphic paper

A range of paper types for the graphic industry

We supply paper in rolls and sheets

Wood free uncoated
Wood-free offset/write/copy paper 60-300
Wood-free envelope paper 80-120
Wood-free book paper 60-120
Wood-free plotter paper 75-90
Coated wood-free
Wood-free coated glossy/silk/mat 70-300
Wood-free coated single-side 70-300
Uncoated printing/phonebook paper
Uncoated printing standard/improved 40-60
Phonebook paper white and color 30-40
Uncoated wood-containing
Wood-containing book paper 50-150
Wood-containing newsprint 50-150
SC for offset / SC for gravure printing 40-60
Coated wood-containing
LWC offset glossy/silk/matte 40-135
LWC gravure glossy 40-135
Coloured paper
Coluored paper various kinds 40-300
Poster paper/label paper
Wood-free label paper 50-90
Wood-free poster paper 90-150
Duplex wallpaper 100-150
Simplex wallpaper 90-130
Wood-containing wallpaper base 70-130

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